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Protecting Your Legacy

Estate planning documents, like wills and trusts are vital documents to set forth your wishes at death. After years of effort and work, you deserve to know that your hard-earned wealth and property is managed the way you want it to be. An effective estate plan can make that happen. And, when you lose a loved one, an estate plan is your guide to their wishes.

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Is A Will Or Trust Right For You?

The framework you choose for your estate plan determines its administration. For those with fewer assets or who have children, a will is a good option and can help you establish who gets what property and who will be responsible for your child’s care. If you own a business or have high-value accounts and property, a will or a trust may be structured to allow you to administer the property in a customized and incremental way.

Understanding Probate

Probate and estate administration are often the most stressful part of mourning a loved one. In addition to following your loved one’s wishes, you will also need to follow probate laws, which can create a complicated set of rules for how to manage things like property, debt and other financial issues.

Excellence In Estate Planning And Probate

You need space to mourn and move forward. Our legal advice helps you get there. For guidance on matters involving probate or estate planning, contact our office at 865-249-8011.