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Experienced, Personalized Corporate Law, Business Transactions & Litigation Services

When you are starting or growing your business, there are many legal issues that require your attention. Whether you are an individual, a small or mid-sized business owner, or the representative of a large corporation, you may not have the time or the knowledge needed to manage your legal concerns appropriately.

In the business world, mistakes cost money. You need to work with an experienced law team that knows how to manage business issues. Our corporate law, business transactions and business litigation attorneys at Anderson Busby PLLC are ready to work with you.

If you are in business, your time is valuable. We can provide you with comprehensive solutions that go beyond the necessary legal expertise. We know how to manage small and major legal issues.

How Can A Business Attorney Help Me?

If you own or are running a business, there are transactions, contracts and legal issues that frequently come up. They include:

  • Advertising and marketing disputes and violations
  • Business startup and formation
  • Business termination
  • Contract disputes
  • Contract drafting and management
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Insurance disagreements
  • Nondisclosure and noncompete agreements
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Real estate transactions and disputes
  • Sale and purchase of a business
  • Shareholder, member and partner disputes
  • Unfair competition

At Anderson Busby PLLC, we take on your legal challenges and create time-effective and efficient solutions for your corporate law, business transactions and litigation needs.

Personalized Service Structured To Meet Your Needs

From the first day you work with us through the conclusion of your case or matter, we will work closely with you to meet your needs. We have assisted individuals and businesses, including small business owners and major corporate clients, through their business and regulatory matters, litigation and transactional needs.

We have helped startups, established businesses, professionals and individuals achieve their objectives. We can help you anticipate the issues before they become major legal complications.

Over 60 Years Of Combined Experience Working For You

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to manage legal matters. We have the resources and experience you need. We will work directly with you to ensure your business has a solid base. For help with your corporate law, business transactions and litigation needs, contact our office by calling 865-249-8011.